WELL Health Stories

Supporting healthcare providers with technology - why does this matter to WELL?

Healthcare provider support and digital enablement are at the core of WELL’s mission, vision, purpose and focus. We strive to empower healthcare providers with technology solutions that simplify their work and allow them to focus on delivering accessible and timely high-quality care to patients, which ultimately results in improved health outcomes.

The core principles of provider support and digital enablement include:

  • Minimizing burnout with digital solutions that reduce providers’ administrative burden and provide greater flexibility to foster better worklife balance.
  • Enabling providers to offer more timely and accessible care so that patients receive the attention they need and avoid delays in getting a diagnosis.
  • Fostering a positive and inclusive healthcare environment that empowers patients to choose a family physician they feel comfortable with, and receive care in safe and private virtual or in-person environments.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste by minimizing the need for physical travel to clinics and consolidating supply chain management, always utilizing stringent protocols to protect patient health information.


Discover further how WELL is supporting healthcare providers with technology by downloading our 2022 ESG Report.