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Taking a proactive approach to strengthen security defences

“At WELL, we are always refining our processes and programs by assessing new technologies and implementing cuttingedge security approaches to stay ahead of evolving threats. Our team has dedicated significant effort in the past year towards enhancing security operations through process improvement and modernization.” – Iain Paterson, Chief Information Security Officer


A recent addition to our security program is the implementation of a Red Team. The team’s mandate is to continuously test our defences and identify and address vulnerabilities and other issues. Through this program, we have not only identified opportunities to improve and enhance the security of our own systems, but also those of our service providers and partners. We have worked closely with these third-party vendors to correct the issues and ensure that patient data remains protected. One example of the program’s success occurred when a zero-day vulnerability was discovered in a thirdparty vendor’s product. The Red Team engaged with the vendor and followed responsible disclosure practices to have the issue remediated. Overall, the Red Team program has become an invaluable part of our security strategy, helping us stay ahead of potential threats and ensuring that our systems remain secure to achieve our goal of protecting patient data.

Explore further how WELL is taking a proactive approach to strengthen security defences by downloading our 2022 ESG Report.