WELL Health Stories

Supporting physicians with digital screening tools

At WELL, we understand that ensuring patient safety and quality of care requires us to establish policies and procedures that enable our providers to perform their jobs effectively and safely. Ultimately, we ensure that providers practising in our clinic network have access to the necessary tools and resources to provide the highest quality of care to our patients while adhering to strict guidelines and protocols.

Our DoctorCare program has many features that help physicians identify patients who require screening for various conditions such as cancer or diabetes. They can also use Ocean tools for screening during patient visits, resulting in improved patient care. For instance, implementing universal smoking screening programs helps increase referrals to smoking cessation programs, which ultimately reduces smoking rates. We have also successfully incorporated Ocean’s digital screening tools to conduct mental health screenings, nutrition screenings for elderly people and young children and evaluations of social determinants of health. Notably, when utilized for mental health screening programs, Ocean’s digital screening tools have been shown to save five to 10 minutes of administrative work per patient, allowing physicians more time to discuss next steps with their patients.

Discover how WELL is supporting physicians with digital screening tools by downloading our 2022 ESG Report.