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WELL Health Celebrates International Women’s Day 2024 

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For International Women’s Day last year, WELL showcased the personal and professional stories of five remarkable female contributors to WELL Health. Now, as we get ready for IWD 2024, we want to share the experiences and wisdom of our amazing panel with a wider audience.


Celebrating International Women’s Day 

Our panelists came from various corners of the WELL Health universe, each bringing a unique story to the table. While their backgrounds differed, they all shared a common theme of resilience, determination, and a recognition of strong female role models. Monica Cepak, Wisp Interim CEO / CMO, set the tone with a touching reflection: “My mother has inspired me more than anyone in my life – she’s an immigrant who came to the US in her 20s without speaking a word of English and went on to become one of the early female software engineers in her field, while also raising three children.” Marion Adams, Focus Mental Wellness CEO, echoed Monica’s sentiments, emphasizing the significance of strong role models and the delicate balance between kindness and assertiveness. 

Dr. Alex Kuritzky, Medical & Cosmetic Dermatologist and Medical Director at DERM Lab, thanked the nurturing environment of dermatology, saying, “I am lucky that the field of dermatology is full of inspiring women, many of whom have served as mentors, both formally and informally.” Donna Paradowski, a Family Nurse Practitioner at WELL Health Clinic Network, shared personal experiences of loss and resilience, drawing inspiration from her late husband and influential figures in her nursing career. 

The conversation also touched on professional aspirations and leadership trajectories. Eva Fong, WELL Health CFO, spoke of her early ambitions, “Yes, I wanted to be a manager and lead teams. I wanted to grow professionally and positively impact businesses, and people in those businesses. And it’s always been important to learn and grow continuously.” Marion Adams reflected on her career evolution, driven by a desire to make meaningful impacts. 

As the conversation progressed, it became clear that confidence and resilience were not just innate traits but cultivated through perseverance and support. “Practice makes perfect! Building confidence is a long process where you practice something unfamiliar until you can overcome any fear,” emphasized Eva Fong. Dr. Alex Kuritzky stressed the importance of seeking advice, learning from mistakes, and maintaining a work-life balance. 

The discourse wasn’t solely about personal achievements but also about collective empowerment. Marion Adams highlighted the significance of women uplifting each other, stating, “There’s enough room at the top for everyone to shine – be supportive and lift other women to leadership positions. 

As the panel wrapped up, their stories were united by the common threads of resilience, determination, and empowerment. Each woman’s voice added a unique perspective, embodying the spirit of International Women’s Day.  


WELL Cares

In thanking our panelists, we recognize that their stories were just a glimpse into the range of experiences of women contributing to WELL Health. Yet, they served as powerful illustrations of the personal and professional perspectives we value at WELL, inspiring us to foster a workplace where every voice is heard, and every woman’s journey is valued. 

As an organization committed to fostering diversity and inclusion, we recognize that celebrating women’s contributions isn’t just a one-day affair but a continuous journey towards making WELL a healthy place to work. With each story shared, we take another step toward that goal. 

For further information on career opportunities and WELL Health’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, please visit the Careers & Culture page.