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WELL Health is proud to support Impact Sponsorship with Mission Possible!

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WELL Health is thrilled to announce that our recent campaign to support Impact Sponsorship with “Mission Possible” was a huge success!  

Mission Possible is a wonderful organization based in Vancouver that transforms lives by helping those who are facing low income, living with disabilities, homelessness, substance use or other barriers to employment. 

Thanks to our generous community, we were able to raise a significant amount of donations to help Mission Possible continue their vital work.  

WELL’s goal was to collect $6,000 to become an Impact Sponsor and support the 6-month Employee Readiness Program for 2 individuals. However, we are delighted to share that we exceeded our goal and collected $9,570; therefore, we can support one additional individual for the program, 3 in total!

It’s incredible to see the impact we can make when we come together for a great cause. It’s also very fulfilling to know that WELL can make an impact locally, giving back to those in our communities across the Lower Mainland.  

We are grateful to everyone who contributed and helped make a positive difference in the lives of those in need. Let’s celebrate this achievement and keep up the momentum for more success stories in the future! 


What is Mission Possible? 

Mission Possible is a Vancouver-based social organization that helps people facing poverty and homelessness by providing them with skills training and employment opportunities.  

Mission Possible believes that everyone has the potential to succeed, and they work hard to help their participants achieve their goals and improve their lives.  

Mission Possible also runs a social enterprise called MP Maintenance, which provides janitorial and maintenance services to businesses in Vancouver, providing a sustainable source of income to support their programs. Overall, Mission Possible is doing some great work to support their local community and help people build brighter futures for themselves! 

A Conversation About Impact Sponsorship with Hamed Shahbazi 

WELL Health’s own Hamed Shahbazi is a long-time supporter of Mission Possible, and recently Hamed met with Mission Possible to discuss the importance of giving back year-round 

In the interview, Hamed explains,

A fundamental human need is to matter, feel like you belong, like you’re part of a community, and this program helps offer that to both the sponsor and the associate.”  

Want to Learn More About the Well’s Community and Causes? 

That feeling of belonging and community is also something Hamed has instilled at WELL Health. You can read more stories about the community and charitable action by visiting WELL Stories or WELL’s Career & Culture page.