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Why Employee Mental Health Is Important to WELL Heath

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Mental health is essential! And while attitudes to mental health are changing, millions of Canadians experience mental illness. According to CAMH, by the time Canadians reach forty, 1 in 2 have – or have had – a mental illness.  

 However, in 2022 it became even more clear just how important it is. From the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, conflict in Ukraine, and economic instability like inflation, external events added to the mental health concerns of many Canadians.  

At WELL Health, we recognize the ways that the mental health of our team is a top priority. That’s why our Be WELL program was a recurring theme in 2022, and we’re proud to say that it has made a significant difference in the lives of many WELL Team Members! 

“This is so remarkable. I’m incredibly proud to be working for a company that shows this level of support for its team members, and recognizes the need for mental health support, particularly given recent circumstances. This makes a huge difference in so many lives.”

– Victoria Badgley, VP, Business Operations at OceanMD

Supporting Employee Mental Health With The ‘Be WELL’ Program 

WELL Health and Focus Mental Wellness have collaborated to create the Focus Mental Wellness program, which offers WELL team members a confidential and free session with a Focus therapist.  

In a blog post about WELL’s mental health program, Shane Sabatino (WELL’s Chief People Officer) and Marion Adams (Co-Founder of Focus Mental Wellness) outlined why mental health support is so important and how WELL Health supports better mental health in the workplace. 

In short, WELL’s mental program is a collaboration with Focus Mental Wellness that aims to help all team members address their mental health and wellness concerns. The first session is free, and extended health benefits provided by WELL address long-term costs. 

To launch the Be WELL program in March 2022, WELL offered a promotional campaign called ‘WELL March,’ which provided free and unlimited therapy sessions to our team members. And the campaign was a huge success!

In November 2022, recognizing the strain that the holiday season can have on mental health, WELL Health announced a new ‘BE WELL’ program that would cover all WELL Team Members and their families with unlimited online therapy for the rest of 2022! And in March 2023, WELL announced a return of the Be WELL program to coincide with our Syria & Turkey disaster relief efforts

About Focus Mental Wellness 

Focus Mental Wellness is a pioneer in accessible and affordable online therapy, connecting Canadians with qualified therapists to address their mental health challenges and improve their lives. Sessions are confidential and completely secure and happen via video, phone or text at a time and place that best suits your needs.  

Alongside Bright Breaks, Focus Mental Wellness is a key part of WELL’s well-being initiatives. You can find out more by visiting our Careers & Culture page.  

 If you’re a non-WELL Team member or organization interested in learning more about Focus Mental Wellness, please visit their website at, focusmw.com