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Monica Cepak

Chief Marketing Officer/Interim CEO at 

Life at WELL with Monica Cepak

As part of our WELL Stories project, we want to share the perspectives of the talented people who contribute so much to WELL Health.

In a special Q&A for International Women’s Day, we chatted with Monica Cepak, Chief Marketing Officer/Interim CEO at Wisp! Let’s see what Monica had to say about her proudest achievement, who inspires her, and how women can develop their leadership skills.

Can you explain what’s your role at Wisp and what it involves?

I’m the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Wisp – responsible for driving revenue growth through brand and performance marketing efforts. I recently also took on the role of Interim CEO. 

When you started out in your career, did you foresee yourself having a leadership role?

Yes – I always had a senior leadership position as my long term goal.

Do you have any mentors in your professional (or personal life) that have inspired you, or particularly inspired you to be a leader?

My mother has inspired me more than anyone in my life – she’s an immigrant who came to the US in her 20s without speaking a word of English and went on to become one of the early female software engineers in her field, while also raising 3 children. I’ve always admired her courage and leadership. 

From a professional standpoint, I was also lucky to have started my career being mentored by the female President of global PR firm Edelman, Gail Becker. 

Questions About Your Career

As a woman, what has helped you to make your career, and what are the biggest factors in your success? 

A few things I’d point to!

First is mentorship. I was very intentional early on in my career to identify key mentors. They have been critical in helping me chart out my career path while serving as an encouraging sounding board in moments when I struggled with imposter syndrome.

The second is networking. Staying plugged into marketing groups and attending industry events has been a great way to build a network, establish a thought leadership profile as well as keep a finger on the pulse of the latest innovations.

Finally, I’d say business school. Pursuing my MBA helped me legitimize my hard skills. Unfortunately, women have to work that much harder to be seen as “credible” in communicating data and numbers.

What do you want to achieve next?

I want to continue leading in the women’s healthcare space – there’s so much more work to be done until true equity becomes a reality. My dream is a world where vagina, orgasm, and abortion are words that are no longer stigmatized, but rather, part of our everyday language.

How have you built confidence and resiliency in your career?

For me, confidence and resiliency come from preparation and hard work – I’ve never underestimated the importance of putting in the pre-work, so there isn’t a doubt about the facts, data, and background information which helps boost confidence, especially in moments of debate and conflict.

How can women develop their leadership skills?

Speak up – don’t be afraid to share your opinion no matter how different. Being a strong voice in the room is one way to build leadership, but I’d also say be authentic to who you are in the process. Women often incorrectly assume that we have to mimic “aggressive” male leadership styles and that’s not the case.

Cross-functional relationships are similarly important in maintaining leadership over time – leadership isn’t built in a vacuum and it’s necessary to listen and incorporate feedback.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given? And how would you tweak that and pass it along?

Get comfortable being uncomfortable – it’s a sign you’re growing. I think this advice applies no matter what stage you’re at in your career. Keep pushing yourself forward and be curious to learn new skills and perspectives.

Questions About Wisp & WELL Health

Who and what are you leading, both people and projects?

Our biggest initiatives at the moment include a big celebrity sponsorship deal, new product development, site migration and re-forecasting our LTV:CAC ratio.

What’s the most rewarding or inspiring thing about what you do?

Helping women feel more empowered about their sexual health.

What is your proudest accomplishment at Wisp?

Aside from serving our patients every day, I am proud of building a passionate team of innovators who continue to set new revenue records month over month. I am also proud that Fast Company recognized Wisp this year as one of the most innovative healthcare companies in the industry.

In your experience, what are the benefits of having women in leadership positions?

Diversity in perspectives of all kinds is necessary and leads to better business outcomes because it fosters a healthy debate and includes the unique experience of 50% of the population.

How should women support other women?

There’s enough room at the top for everyone to shine – be supportive and lift other women up to leadership positions.

What steps do you personally take to improve your mental health and wellness?


Share 3 ‘Fun Facts’ about you

  1. I’ve lived in 10 different countries
  2. I have a dog named Picasso
  3. I danced in a Bollywood Dance group in college

What is your elevator pitch for why women (or anyone!) should join Wisp & WELL Health?

Wisp is at the forefront of re-defining women’s health for a brighter, more equitable future – join us as we de-stigmatize and democratize sexual and reproductive healthcare once and for all! 


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Monica and learning more about the worlds of Wisp and WELL Health.

Thank you, Monica, for your valuable contributions to healthcare and the whole WELL Health team!

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